When Samarth Shandilya was close to losing his eye on the set of Perfect Pati

Samarth Shandilya was too close to losing his eye in a freaky incident on the sets of &TV’s Perfect Pati.

When Samarth Shandilya was close to losing his eye on the set of Perfect Pati

Actor Samarth Shandilya who essays the role of Rangeela in &TV’s Perfect Pati (FilmFarm India) had a near brush with ill fate when he was about to lose his eye, but with God’s grace, escaped a major accident on the set of his show.

The team was shooting an intense sequence with Rangeela and it was a late night one. The scene needed Rangeela to step back and move away in a hurry. While shooting for the scene, Samarth was not aware that he had moved a bit too close to the wall behind him, and was almost headed to dash against the wall.

The situation was grave because there were a lot of nails on the wall and Samarth got too very close to a nail pierced on the wall.

A source from the set says, “Samarth took few steps back and that was when one of the nails on the wall just brushed past very close to his eye socket. Thankfully, he realized the danger and moved himself out of the vicinity of the nail.”

When contacted, Samarth told us, “It was indeed a scary incident. I had been shooting from morning, and was almost going to pack up after the shot post midnight. I did not realize that I took more steps backward than was needed. A nail actually pricked into my skin, just micro-seconds away from my eye socket. If I had been a bit more towards the left, it would have directly gone into my eye. For a moment, all got scared and perturbed. Thankfully, since my reflexes are quick, I moved my body weight from falling in that direction as soon as I got the prick on my skin close to the eye. It was an alarming incident wherein I could have actually lost one eye.”

This incident has only made Samarth wiser and he stays a bit more careful on the sets and wherever he ventures out to.

Indeed, God is great!!

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