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Ridhi Dogra posts a long message for Raqesh Bapat, check here

After separation, Ridhi Dogra wishes ‘happy friendship day for life’ to Raqesh Bapat

Television couple Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat, who parted ways, are setting an all new set of relationship goals. After separating, the art of maintaining a healthy relationship is not something that comes easily to people. But this couple makes it look so organic. Ridhi and Raqesh found solace in being friends with one another rather than being tied in the bond of holy matrimony and decided to part ways earlier this year. Although Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat are no longer considered ‘a couple’, the duo is always encouraging each other.

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Recently, Ridhi took to Instagram and posted a long message and wished a happy friendship day to Raqesh for life. She mentioned the respect that they have for each other too. Her post reads: “Every where in the world people talk about hate and grief and betrayal and hurt. Noone talks about all the good things that also make up this world. And I am talking about us and just how amazing we are @raqeshbapat. I am proud of the grace and compassion we both have shown. I am proud of the joy and faith, for life , we still hold. I am proud of the integrity and respect we carry! I want to acknowledge and express my gratitude to #nichirenbuddhism for helping me be a living example of what true humanity can do for us humans if we are always in awareness of our choices. Even in hopelessness there is hope. Even in the faithless there is faith. Even in every end there is a beginning. And for all the things people learn from one another, I hope you pick some of the goodness too!!!! Kindness shouldn’t be a thing you show by always walking away into a better life and escaping. If you just decide to choose it over all the negative emotions of the world. It can open your heart and put you directly one with the universe and it’s magnanimous energies. It’s all about being open to choices. And being aware of those choices. Next time just notice is it your ego making the choice or your soul?! Ego will always think of defending the ‘I’ Soul always thinks harmony of everyone. #daisakuikeda #buddhism #bekind #choices. So cheers to #RRHappyfriendshipsday for life Raq!”

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