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Sonal Vengurlekar shared the heartwarming story of her makeup man helping her with money during the lockdown phase.

Sonal Vengurlekar’s makeup man offers her money in this lockdown phase

An exceptional case popped up today and it was a role reversal. Usually, the actors help out their hair and makeup guys but this time it was the other way around.

Actor Sonal Vengurlekar, who was last seen in Yeh Teri Galliyan, shared a heartwarming conversation with her make up guy on phone.

In an out of the courtesy call, Sonal who is going through major financial crisis got worried thinking of her makeup man’s financial stability whose wife was due for delivery. Her make up man, Pankaj Gupta expressed his grief but soon as he came to know that Sonal was in major financial trauma, he offered 15,000 rupees to her, which was all that he had and added saying that his wife’s delivery time.

The actor, whose lakhs of rupees were stuck and not released by a certain production house, was so touched that she took to the social media thanking him and taunted those people who aren’t releasing her due fees by saying – “waqt aa gaya hai, so-called Ameer log, dil se bhi ameer ho jaye, feeling sad for such people”

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This is a sheer case of being helpful, no matter what you are!!

Hats off Sonal for sharing it to the world!!

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