Sonal Vengurlekar on her new show Gupta Brothers Chaar Kunwaare from Ganga Kinare

This difficult pandemic phase taught good lessons to people: Sonal Vengurlekar

Beautiful and talented Sonal Vengurlekar has carved a niche in the industry with her performances in shows like Dil Dostii Dance, Shastri Sisters and Saam Daam Dand Bhed.

The young actress will be seen in Star Bharat upcoming show Gupta Brothers Chaar Kunwaare from Ganga Kinare. The show revolves around the interesting concept of based on the lives of four brothers, Shiv Gupta the eldest brother played by Hiten Tejwani, Alok Gupta played by Akash Mukherjee, Veeru Gupta played by Satya Tiwari and the youngest Rajat Gupta played by Meet Mukhi. It’s a Dramedy that revolves around these brothers who believe they don’t need women in their lives.

Talking about the show, Sonal says, “I feel good to be back on set. This show was supposed to launch in March, however, it got delayed because of Corona. Now, we are back to entertain audiences. When I had signed the show, the concept was about a daily soap, however, the entire storyline changed and we did the auditions again. However, in the end, we are here to make audiences laugh and entertain.”

Tell us about your character? Sonal shares, “I play the neighbour of these brothers. I am also in love with one of the brothers named Alok. However, I can’t confess directly as they are against marriage so I try various ways and means to do so. Onset there is only positive vibes. We all get together and rehearse so we often indulge in some off-screen masti. Everyone on the set is very entertaining and supportive.”

Do you think your movie is similar to the movie Hulchul? “The show does have similarities with Bollywood movie Hulchul. Having said that, it is different from the movie, as every character is justified in the movie. Every character is a hero and heroine.”

When asked about her lockdown phase, she adds, “I spent time with my relatives and also my sister delivered a baby so I was spending time with the small baby. Along with that, I developed a habit of reading books as I had free time. I also started making vlogs too for my YouTube channel. I think people have learnt a lot of things during this phase. I believe that corona came and ruined lives but also taught good lessons to people.”

Well said Sonal!

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