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Musakaan the Star Bharat show sees itself on the verge of being shut.

Star Bharat’s Musakaan in danger zone?

At a time, when most TV shows are going off-air in a matter of a few months, Star Bharat drama Musakaan, starring Sharad Malhotra, Sudesh Berry and Yesha Rughani, has lasted well over a year. However, now with numbers drastically dropping, gossip mills suggest that all bets might be off.

Female lead Yesha put up a brave face, saying, “Yesterday, we were told that our numbers have risen up to 0.7 (maybe she means intra-week, for full week is still just 0.4). The leap has just taken off, so I am sure we will rise with time.”

“Having said that, TV is a very unpredictable business, so one does not know what might eventually happen. But we all are working very hard to give you a good product, fingers crossed,” added Yesha.

Veteran actor Sudesh Berry, who recently reentered the show as Sirji, did not accept or deny the under the scanner rumour, saying, “Yes, ratings have indeed fallen steeply. When I had quit, it was hovering between 1.2-1.5, and now we have plummeted to 0.5. And the main reason why numbers of any show go south is ether a bad story or poor actors, who are unable to match the high romantic mood of the audiences. I can’t change the story, so will only try to add heft to whatever lines are given to me.”

We tried to get in touch with Muskaan male lead Sharad, producer Rashmi and the channel spokesperson, but did not elicit any response till the time of filing of this story.

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