Baljit Chaddha who helms Savdhaan India from the channel, recently took to the director’s role for an episodic.

Star India’s Baljit Chaddha dons the ‘director’s cap’ for Savdhaan India

Life OK’s Savdhaan India, the show that pledges to make India safe has been the flagship show for the channel, in creating awareness and educating people.

Baljit Chaddha who has been the Project Head on the show for long now, and holds the designation of Deputy Editor, Content Studio, Star India presently, donned the Director’s hat recently for a story of Savdhaan Indian that dwelled into a mother’s struggle to get her kid back!!

The story’s narrative was so interesting and intriguing that it prompted Baljit Chaddha to crossover as Director, to give his own take in the story telling.

As for the story, it will be about a cook who would get into a house wherein the couple will be heading for a divorce. Taking advantage of the situation, the lady will kidnap their 3 years old kid and run away. The story which will have elements of music, dance and action has been shot really well under the directorial onus of Baljit Chaddha.

However, the twist in the story about the cook who would elope with the child being kidnapped will be that he would not be a lady, but a man in the disguise of a lady.

Talking about his first directorial venture for Savdhaan India, Baljit Chaddha told, “The narrative of this story was very challenging. Firstly, it was a performance-oriented story wherein the challenge was for a man to dress up as a lady. It took nearly 7-8 hours for the man to get dressed as a woman. Secondly, the story involved a 3 years old kid being part of it. And thirdly, the story was a costume drama with lot of music and dance sequences with the Kalbelia dancers of Rajasthan being part of the story.”

Heralding the efforts of actor Rohit Chaudhary who got into the skin of the character of a lady, Baljit said, “The role required Rohit to not only dress up as a woman, but also get into the mannerisms of a lady. Also, his character is shown to be a part of a mobile Kalbelia dance troupe from Rajasthan. So he had to remain in a different league altogether for the story.”

This episodic story will be on air on 8 August.

Here’s wishing Baljit Chaddha all the very best for his new feather in the cap!!

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