Sushant Singh, returns as host of Star Bharat's new season of Savdhaan India, and he talks about his new challenges and journey do far. Read his thoughts here.

I am elated to be back in Savdhaan India; it has always been close to my heart: Sushant Singh

Sushant Singh is back at the helm of things as the anchor of the new season of Savdhaan India on Star Bharat. The new theme of the show Criminal Decoded, has grabbed a lot of eyeballs. The curiosity factor is high with the most-watched show making its comeback. And with it, Sushant who is known for his anchoring skills on the show for years, is back to the show after a hiatus.

Sushant’s new salt and pepper look has been appreciated by the masses. Here we have Sushant talking about his return to the evergreen popular show.

Says Sushant, “The show Savdhaan India has given me a new identity. The show and I as a host of the show, have been synonymous for a long time. It feels good to be back on the show after a break. I feel elated that through the show, television is trying something new and different.”

Ask him about how he was drawn to get back to the show, and Sushant says, “The channel was revamping Savdhaan India, and that was when they approached me. The show has always been close to my heart. I have been with the show for many years and have done so many episodes as the host. Yes, the show in itself drew me to it. I had taken a break from hosting earlier to concentrate on my acting. This stint with TV will be a good reminder that I am available to good TV content as an actor too.”

On anchoring and acting being two different ball games and the manner in which he has been juggling both, Sushant states, “Yes, both acting and anchoring are two different art forms. When you anchor a show, you as a host connect with the audience and also connect the content with them. When I was doing Savdhaan India for years, my body language and voice modulation as a host were different. When I used to act, I tended to use the same body language for my scenes too, which I needed to change. So yes, jumping between these two roles was indeed tough for me.”

On the conceptualization of Savdhaan India seeing growth over the years, Sushant exclaims, “We have tried so many concepts and stuff in the last eight years. The show has seen many seasons, and many revamps. This time, the channels approached me with a brand new theme – Criminal Decoded. This is a different perspective to the show, and it will be interesting to decode the criminal minds, and provide awareness to the people.”

On his new salt and pepper look, Sushant avers, “Well, this grey hair look indicates the natural ageing process that I have seen. Frankly, this is a look I have kept for continuity for my web project. This was liked by the makers here. When you are doing a show, your look also becomes part of your persona. So as the theme in Savdhaan India matures, you will see me as a host conveying the message more maturely.”

Sushant takes his responsibility as the host of the show very seriously. “I take it as my own show. It is not just a job for me. Every word that I say in the show, is a result of discussions and approvals. The kind of message that I pass on to viewers as the host, gets discussed. Yes, it is a lot of work and energy. It can be exhausting shooting for 4-6 episodes at a stretch. However, this exhaustion is rewarding too.”

Ask him about the USP of the new season and Sushant quips, “The criminal mind is the biggest mystery. A normal person does not understand how their brain works. It is interesting to study how they think what they think, is it the upbringing, guilt, or factor of remorse, or are they born a villain? Any mind which is not the regular is interesting to study, and this is the USP.”

Sushant has bagged a huge response for his comeback already. “There are high expectations from this new season of Savdhaan India. I am waiting to get back. We expect a lot of love to pour in from viewers. I am prepared for all the feedback too.”

Best of luck, Sushant!!