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Tehseen Poonawalla and Hindustani Bhau enter Bigg Boss 13 house

Tehseen Poonawalla & Hindustani Bhai enter Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 is undoubtedly the most happening show in television reality circuit and why not? While it has the ideal blend of politics with entertainment, it also has Bollywood’s beloved Bhaijaan, Salman Khan spearheading the show for many seasons.

Bhai had recently announced that there won’t be any eliminations this week on Bigg Boss 13. But that seemed to be only half the tale narrated. Vikas Fhatak aka Hindustani bhau and Tehseen Poonawalla made their entry into the Bigg Boss house like true swaggers. Bhai had introduced the two on the Weekend ka Vaar episode.

Not just that, ex Bigg Boss contestants, Sana Khan & Urvashi Dholakia gave the contestants Diwali tasks as they divided the house into two teams and Sana’s team won the task.

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