Mahabharat actor Satish Kaul faces financial woes

This veteran Mahabharat actor is in financial trouble, needs help

Veteran actor Satish Kaul, who has acted in several Hindi films and shows including Mahabharat, is currently facing financial issues and the nation-wide lockdown has only made the situation worse for him.

The actor, who played the role of Lord Indra in Mahabharat, spoke to a media portal and said, “I am staying in a small rented place in Ludhiana. I was staying in an old age home earlier but then I’m here at this place with my good samaritan Satya Devi. My health is ok, I’m doing fine but the lockdown has made matters worse. I’m struggling for medicines, groceries and basic needs. I appeal to the industry people to help me. I got so much love as an actor, I need some attention now as a human in need.”

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Satish had moved to Punjab from Mumbai and had started an acting school around 2011. The actor said that project wasn’t a success. “It came to a halt and whatever work I was doing later was affected after I fractured my hip bone in 2015. For two and a half years, I was bed-ridden in the hospital. Then I had to check in to an old age home where I stayed for two years.”

The 73-year-old actor had also worked in films like Pyaar Toh Hona He Tha, Aunty No 1 and show Vikram Aur Betaal.

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