Manoj Kumar Mohanan Nair, a Casting guy from the industry commits suicide..

Young Associate Casting Director Manoj Kumar commits suicide

Problems can have solutions only when they get identified and noticed!! If problems remain unidentified, it can lead to dire consequences!!

Sad, but this is the theory of life, considering the fast-paced nature in which we lead our lives!!

Life and death is not in our hands, and should not be!! But for the young and charismatic Manoj Kumar Mohanan Nair who was at the helm of his career, it was not the case…

The young lad aged 31 ended his life by hanging himself yesterday (10 October). Manoj Kumar was the Associate Casting Director at GlamourCalling, a company that has been casting for commercials for many years.

GlamourCalling was founded by Vishal Gajaria and Manoj Kumar Mohanan Nair nine years back. The two of them, thickest of friends have been casting for well-known commercials for long.

Manoj was a person full of life and charisma. He used to be a joy to be around with, especially for his fun nature and witty thinking. However, the truth behind all that was that he was pained from within, and nobody knew about it.

On 10 October, in the morning, Manoj was found in his office in a dead state after he hung himself. The Kerala bred guy had been living with his parents in Mumbai.

Says his work partner and close friend, Vishal Gajaria, “I really do not know what the problem was. He never allowed anyone into his personal life, not even me. We have been very close, known each other and worked together for so many years. Day before yesterday night, we had dinner together and watched Bigg Boss together!! He was in his usual mood, laughing and joking. I then left to my house, and he went back to the office. The next morning, we were shocked to hear that he committed suicide. He did not even leave a note behind, and it is so painful to not even understand what his problem was.”

Vishal was at Siddharth Hospital, carrying out the procedures to get the body of Manoj when we called up.

“Though his parents are here, his entire family and relatives are in Kerala. So we will be going to Kerala with his body for the last rites,” explained Vishal.

RIP Manoj!! We at pray that his family gains strength to bear this big loss!!


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