The new couple of the telly world, Maya and Rudra

Beyhadh 2: Maya and Rudra’s on-screen chemistry is crackling

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular daily soap Beyhadh 2 is up for high-voltage drama. Maya is playing her game against Rudra and Rishi at the same time. One side she is trapping Rudra in her love forgetting Ananya and another side the sweet and innocent but foolish boi Rishi is madly in love with Maya and is ready to do anything to be with her. Since Ananya loves Rudra since childhood and she is getting insecure as she doesn’t want to lose Rudra and always had hopes to get his love.

Here we are focusing on Maya and Rudra’s on-screen romance with both of them getting along each other very well. It seems in the middle, Maya lost her control over emotions and showed her feelings for Rudra. Their connection is very dashing and pleasing to the eyes of all the fans watching the show with hope to get them along together someday.

This is Maya and Rudra’s chemistry, Maya and Rudra had a fencing fight and their tashanbazi is seen. Their fight and hatred attitude also seems very beautiful. Now in the coming week, Rudra and Maya will get into a new ball game, that of love. As per a reliable source, “Maya and Rudra will have a cozy moment of romance wherein the two of them kiss. This will be a defining moment in the storyline.”

Aren’t we all excited to see Maya who is strictly against love, do the same mistake she did with Arjun before?

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