Young and talented beauty Kangan Baruah Nangia, who stole the limelight in Beyhadh 2 and played a crucial role in Saurabh Tewari’s web series on Sony LIV, Love J Action, is currently entertaining the masses as Gargi in Sony Sab’s show Sab Satrangi. In an exclusive conversation with, Kangan spoke about the shooting experience, Mannu and Gargi’s love story, and more. Read on:

Tell us about your experience shooting for Sab Satrangi so far?

It has been a learning experience for me. I have understood that you have to keep getting excited every day because you are working on your craft every day. Hence it might get difficult to get excited for the same part to come into place. I think I have learnt to do things that excite me and it doesn’t get monotonous.

What makes Mannu and Gargi the cutest couple on TV?

When we look at a couple, we think about how honest and pure their relationship is and that is exactly how this duo is. There is no utter motive for Mannu and Gargi to be with each other. However, if they feel it and like each other, they are ready to spend their entire life with each other. These factors make them relatable and cute.

How has your working experience been with Mannu aka Mohit Kumar?

It has been a great experience shooting with him. We plan a lot while performing our scene to bring the best to the audience. We have a lot of fun on set. We pull each other’s legs. Also, we are like Tom and Jerry off-screen. On-screen we are Heer and Ranjha.

Do you find any similarities between you and your character?

Yes, there are a lot. I resemble Gargi. She is an independent and headstrong woman. If she is in love, she is open about it. I am also the same. I am not coy or shy. Hence, it did not face any challenges while getting into the skin of the character.

Any final message for fans…

There is no message but only thankfulness that I have for my well-wishers. I am grateful for their love and blessing. I would just say keep loving me in the show. I will keep entertaining.