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Naagin and its dhamakedar dialogues from all seasons

Powerful dialogues from all the seasons of Naagin

So often, on the wider horizon of the Indian tele-scape, along comes a show that pierces the stratosphere of TV triumph, with consummate authority and unquestionable absoluteness. In recent years, if there’s one show that ticks all the aforementioned boxes, it is Ekta Kapoor’s tour de force, Naagin.

Naagin 4 beamed a few months back, but we waited to dole out the review.

Reason? We wanted to check if the show could hit the ratings ball out of the park (again), and boy…it opened to a great response.

Not only the characters, but the storyline and the dialogues from serial makes it one of the most-watched TV show on television.

Some of the powerful dialogues are:

Duniya mein sabse buri aag badle ki aag hoti hai … …

Bahar board pe lage tag nahi dekha?? Dekha? fir bhi tum mujhe dekhne aa gaye? Itni raat gaye? akele? iss halat mein?? Interesting!!

Pati patni ka rishta faulad se zyada mazboot hota hai … ..

Mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha k aap mere kehne pe yahan aayi hai!

Vish- Toh yakeen dilane k liye kya karu? Bahar ja k firse entry lu??

Dil ke kuch taar aaise hote hai jinse woh khabaren bhi mil jaati hai…

Which are your favorite dialogues?

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