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Upcoming episode of Love On The Run highlights a lesbian love story

MTV Love On The Run: Law has rules, but love is not a law

Everything is fair in love and war, right? So why can’t women love women and men love men? Is love only meant for opposite sex?

After featuring a series of untouched topics from inter- caste marriage to abortion done out of wedlock, MTV Love On The Run gets bolder with its upcoming episode as it highlights a lesbian love story.

The episode unfolds by showcasing how both a girl- next-door, Falak (played by Shruti Sinha)  and matured lady,  Purva (played by Niyati Joshi) are going through a tough time in their respective relationships. Falak has been struggling with her on going and never ending fights with her boyfriend Monty (played by Suchit) while Purva is stuck and unhappy in her marriage.  What happens when two people with same problems meet? They become best friends? Well, life is unpredictable and it gets the real out of you no matter – how hard one tries!

Commenting on playing the role of a lesbian, Shruti Singha said, “I found the plot of this episode of Love On The Run to be very unconventional, intriguing and extremely challenging. It’s a challenge for any actor to portray a lesbian or gay character on Indian television where it’s still considered to be a taboo. I am glad that MTV has taken an initiative to break the stigma associated with this topic and educate the minds of viewers. I am very confident that our character and the plot of the story will resonate strongly with viewers.”

Niyati Joshi added, “When I was offered this role, I was a bit skeptical about it but as an actor I am glad that I got an opportunity to essay a character which is different from my previous work. The initial dilemma was gone as soon as I met the team, the director of the show with whom I have worked earlier made it very easy for all of us. And, Shurti and me despite meeting for the first time bonded instantly. Our chemistry in the episode is something viewers will love to watch.”

Upset and irritated, Falak can’t seem to streamline her thoughts, just then her life takes a 360 degree change with the entry of new professor, Purva. Purva who is trapped in a bitter marriage finds respite from her abusive husband after befriending Falak. Despite being subjected to marital rape and domestic violence, Purva doesn’t get out of the marriage due to societal pressure. After spending some time together, Falak and Purva realize that their happiness is with each other. While Falak and Purva are happy with their new found love, Monty embarrasses them in front of the entire college by revealing how he witnessed the two of them kissing each other.

Regardless of the college drama, Purva finds the courage and confesses that she is in love with Falak, raging in anger – the husband once again started beating her.

Will Falak be successful in rescuing Purva from her husband?

Tune in to find out, watch the upcoming episode of Love On The Run this Saturday8pm only on MTV.

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