From Russia with love, only on MTV’s Dating in the Dark

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From Russia with love, only on MTV’s Dating in the Dark

Love works in mysterious ways. But what happens when the mystery is heightened? MTV’s brand new dating reality show Dating in the Dark has been serving some major food for thought along with a fun take on dating with contestants trying to find true love without really getting to see who they’re going on a date with. Some luck out and end up seeing what they have already liked, while others just aren’t able to reconcile the actual person with the image they’ve created in their heads post their dates in the dark. But then there are those lucky ones who actually find something completely rare – a true connection and a great looking partner.

Haneet Narang, who was previously seen fighting for love on Splitsvilla Season 10, we back to try his luck where the heart was concerned and actually ended up emerging a winner. Not only did he find a great connection, but also an extremely gorgeous love interest who isn’t even from India! Trying her luck in the matters of the heart was a gorgeous French beauty Esmeralda Laurent who came to India all the way from Russia! Esmeralda, who is no stranger to reality television, having formerly been a contestant on Big Brother Russia, was keen to be on the show to meet new people. Having lived in India for some time now, Esmeralda is a fashion designer and was looking forward to meet someone interesting on the show. The duo now lives in together in Mumbai together, Haneet Narang, Delhi based munda is now shifting to Mumbai for his lady love.   

MTV Dating in the Dark is a dating reality show that will witness curiosity raising the temperature soaring high with mysteries whirling around. It could be a daring adventure to remember or nothing. Based on an International format giving an exciting chance to three single men and three single women to get to know each other by losing all their inhibitions and trusting their instincts. A group date is set up in the dark, for the singletons to talk to each other, feel each other, smell but certainly not see each other until the time is up. After the first date, the contestants invite one another for a romantic one on one date in the dark. It is all fun and games until it gets real with the contestants finally coming face to face with each other in the revealing process. Each episode climaxes with the contestants either meeting their potential partner in the balcony of the house or exiting the house straight through the front doors.

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