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Friends is by far one of the most loved serials on television. The show has also gifted us with some of our favourite characters and we’re here to tell you something more about one of its characters.

The most annoying things about Phoebe in Friends

Friends is a famous show that started in the mid 90s and ended in the mid 2000s. But this show was loved so much that it is still watched by many of us. The show has also gifted us with one of our favourite characters Phoebe who also happens to be one of the most annoying characters on the show. Here are some of her most annoying moments.

1- When she sabotaged Joey’s career in a time as important as Christmas because he was selling new trees and she wanted the old ones to be love too.
2- When she stole the cat of a little girl who was looking for it. Not only this, she even claimed that her cat was a form of her mother.
3- When she agreed on teaching Joey the guitar. But the catch here is that she didn’t let him touch a guitar or let him learn any of the real names of the chords.
4- When she got mad at Ross for a long time and when he asked her in the end she told him she didn’t remember the reason.
5- When she was upset that she couldn’t go to London with her friends because of her pregnancy but got mad at them for being nice and planning something for her after getting back.

These are some things that also make her our absolute favourite. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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