We often come across daily soaps on Indian television that not only steal our hearts but also our attention. We too have a choice between two such daily soaps that we just can’t seem to decide between as to which we like better. Here is where we need your help!

Beyhadh 2 or Naagin 4: Which newly launched show is your favourite?

Beyhadh was one of the most-watched daily soaps on India television. This was mainly due to the story line and plot twists that kept taking place in the show. The show developed a fan base of millions in the first season itself. The show was loved so much that it has now been brought back on television. Yes! The show now has a season two and we are totally thrilled by it. One of the biggest reasons to watch the show and also for the return of it has to be the terrific cast in it.

On the other hand, we have the show Naagin. This show has been loved the most out of all shows by fans across the country and has now returned with a fourth season. This season is back with the lovely Nia Sharma playing a brief role in it. In the first season, the show was the most-watched show on Indian television. The show had first started in the year 2015 and is yet going well and this speaks volumes for how great it is.

We think both the shows are equally good and it’s a tough battle which we just can’t choose between. Here is where we need your help to help us decide which show is the nation’s favourite. Let us know below which show is your favourite.

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