Drashti Dhami and Kaveri Priyam are unique with respect to their curl hair looks and we show you how they look hot in them.

How Drashti Dhami And Kaveri Priyam Kill It With Curly Hair Looks

Drashti Dhami and Kaveri Priyam are two versatile actors who are very unique when it comes to their looks and appearance.

Bu the one striking common factor between the two is their curly hair and this is what propels their beauty to a bigger range!!

Drashti’s curls especially when she leaves her hair open are so good to watch. Kaveri is the stunning curly-haired beauty and there are no words to describe her uniqueness when it comes to her hairstyle.

Kaveri Priyam as Kuhu in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is too good, and her curly hair look actually is very apt to the spunky carefree character that she plays.

Also for Drashti, her hair gives her the added bonus of looking really good onscreen. She has had the curly as well as straight hair looks at different times. Though she looks good in the straight hair, the curly hair look adds more to her beauty.

We bring to you some of the wonderful curly hair pictures of Drashti Dhami and Kaveri Priyam.

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