Actress Ekta Tiwari adds yet another feather to her cap.

Ekta Tiwari taps the Writer in her; all set to publish her set of poems

Actor Ekta Tiwari believes in the art of thinking, observing, writing and reading!! And today, this passion of hers has motivated her to write a set of poems which actually heralds life!!

Says Ekta, “Poems are one smallest, but very effective way to say so much about many things like different emotions, happenings in your own surroundings, what you like and what you don’t like, how society should be and how it should not be…Many things can culminate beautifully in a poem.”

On the theme on which her poems are based, Ekta states, “My series of poem is actually based on nothing and at the same time on everything, basically in short it’s about life. As I said earlier, I have depicted everything that is before us; so it’s based on behaviour , experience, expectations, emotions,observations etc.”

Ask her about the idea behind publishing it, and she adds, “The idea behind publishing my series of poems is to share my expressions and thoughts in a way that people can connect with it easily. As I know many people do have all such impressions and expressions and experiences in one or the other way in life, but have not been able to explain or express in words. May be through my series of poems they can.”

She adds, “Many times we all manipulate situations while dealing with emotions, with different relationships and that manipulation is because you don’t want to hurt any relationship. But while doing that you do hurt your best relations which are with yourself. So to arrest this hurt, I wrote this series of poems. Or simply you can say to express myself on above all issues.”

The set of poems will be soon published by Authors Pride Publications.

Publisher Rajul Tiwari has this to say about Ekta’s work. “There are two types of poets – One inborn, the other gifted ones. Others are circumstantial poets or work towards it as they enjoy poetry. Ekta Tiwari falls in the first category; had she got published earlier, she would have effortlessly grown more in the minds of people. All creative people fall in the first category.”
“The poems are melancholic yet have an undertone of philosophy of life. They seem to have born out of her own experience combined with those around her. They have the soul of her art ie. performing arts which further makes these poems different. As a publisher, it is my first responsibility to promote all forms of good literature which can make a difference or can connect to the sensitivities of our society and that is what encouraged me to publish Ekta’s work. Ekta Tiwari is a friend and we connect more because of positivity and creativity. And both the attributes are meant to be spread that is why I am wrote about her today.”

Shine on, Ekta!!

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