Ekta missed opportunity to attend ARY film festival in Karachi

I was denied Pakistan visa: Ekta Tiwari

Art is ubiquitous, universal and binds cultures, sects and communities. However, convoluted mentalities of those in power often takes a toll on the free spirit, chaining minds and hearts to the ground.

On identical lines, TV star Ekta Tiwari has become the latest actor casualty of the ongoing Indo-Pak tensions.

Indianwikimedia has learnt that Ekta was invited to the just concluded ARY film festival in the Pakistani Port city of Karachi as part of a showcase of the film, Chooda Ek Pratha, where she plays the titular role.

However, sadness dawned on the creative souls when Ekta, film’s director/producer /writer Ravinder Singh Rajawat’s visa application got rejected by the Pakistan Government. Apart from them, travel casualties included invitees Ravi Kishan and Rituparna Ghosh as well.

Ekta, who first came into limelight with her meticulous performance in the show Tere Mere Sapne a few years back,   confirmed the same to Indianwikimedia saying, “It is sad that politics always comes in the way of art.  Ordinary people, in both India and Pakistan, are merely trying to eke out a living and are not involved in politically festered terrorism which has bedeviled bilateral ties between our two nations for decades. Personally, I was looking forward to visiting Karachi for I have heard about the place especially, it’s yummy food (smiles).”

Ekta, who previously had won the Best Actress award for Chooda  at Delhi International Film Festival (Dec 2016)  further adds, “Although we could not attend the film festival,  our film was not only screened but also won the Critics Award, which is vindication of our efforts. Chooda depicts how women are ill treated and sold as commodities. So, this theme must have certainly found takers in Pakistan as well where the fair sex is also not treated well as back home.”

It is sad that politics always comes in the way of art

Ekta, who is in talks for a big project, hopes that the day will soon come when both India and Pakistan will give up their mutual animosities and work towards uplifting their weaker sections i.e. women etc.  “I hope Chooda is screened extensively in Pakistan as well for we need lots of attention to female causes and both India and Pakistan don’t fare well in these parameters.”

When reminded about fellow small screen actor Sara Khan’s recent problem in Pakistan (she had to stay back as her exit was with held for a few days due to expired visa) Ekta says, “People to people contact is very essential to break the current impasse and we artists are best placed to try to take the peace process forward as we are loved equally in both countries. Fawad and Mahira Khan have big fan followings in India like our artists enjoy across the Wagah Border.”

Three cheers to peace…

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