Shivani Surve of Jaana Na Dil Se Door fame is taking a break from TV for trying her luck in Marathi films. Says the actress, “I have just signed a project; it is in the initial workshop stage, so can’t talk much about it. But rest assured you will see me in a never before avatar.”

Shivani who began with Hindi serials (Phulwa and Navya etc) hit the jackpot by grabbing the lead role in the popular Marathi serial Devvani (Star Pravah). “I really don’t discriminate between both mediums, as they are both work. The only difference is the language; I have got equally loved in both, so no complaints.”

Talking about Jaana Na Dil Se Door, she says, “It was a real positive experience as I got to play a lot of shades in one character, which was quite challenging for the actor within me.  Plus I made many good friends in Vikram Singh Chauhan and Sara Khan etc.”

Ask her whether the time slot changes (prime telecast was shifted to 10.30 pm before reverting back to 5.30) affected the eventual ratings, she explains, “Well these decisions are taken by the channel (Star Plus) and production house (Beyond Dreams) and they have their own strategies. And I don’t think it had any negative consequence, for we did garner our fair share of love and popularity.”

Looking ahead she would want to return to TV or try the web genre as well once the above film wraps up. “I would be open to all kinds of genres.”

Wish you luck, Shivani!!