Who will be your BB winner…Rashami or Asim?

#JeetegiTohRashamiHi Vs #StopBullyingAsim

As we all know, when it comes to competition, there is always a winner and a runner-up. A similar thing will happen in the Bigg Boss house and there will be only one winner and one runner-up. With growing competition and very few contestants left, Bigg Boss 13 is on the verge of the finale, but the fans of the show are still demanding more and more episodes.

Since the start of the season, Rashami Desai was the coolest and most loved contestant. She already made an impact on the minds of audience with her powerful and strong image till now. But after her dispute with her rumored ex-boyfriend Siddharth Shukla, she became an internet sensation overnight. She is the darling of BB fans and if you don’t believe it, just Google ‘#JeetegiTohRashamiHi’.

Whereas Asim Riaz is a one-man army and it seems he needs no support from anyone. But to win a war, you need good company and Asim had his best friend Siddharth Shukla with him. But due to small fights, both are not on good terms. But look who came to their rescue! Rohit Shetty made a surprise appearance in the house and only talked to Sidharth and Asim. What happened we don’t know, but after that, Sidharth was seen in tears. It seems he realized how much he misbehaved with his best friend.

To the above scenario, one of the fans wrote, “Wow! The one who bullies the most is playing the victim card with crocodile tears! And the one who is targeted, bullied, character assassinated constantly is facing it all! Y’all #StopBullyingAsim.”

Both the contestants are strong and have great support from their fans. Who will win Bigg Boss 13?
To know more, stay tuned.

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