The sets of Vani Rani usually have monkeys as special guests who entertain them.

‘Monkey brigade’ adds fun and entertainment on the sets of &TV’s Vani Rani

The set of &TV’s Vani Rani (Esselvision) usually is a place full of fun, with the vibrancy of youngsters who are part of the show!!

However, the best time for the cast and crew of Vani Rani is when they are in a mood to feed their favourite animal and have fun with them….

Well, we are talking about the monkey brigade that is usually spotted near the make-up rooms!!

As per a source from the set, “There are times when lot of monkeys keep visiting the set. They are always found around during the lunch time, as the cast has made it a point to feed the animals with food daily.”

The recent introduction to the show, veteran actress Amita Udgata usually feeds monkeys with bananas that she brings for them from her house. In addition to this, the cast gives the remains of food during lunch to the monkeys.

Says Rashmi Gupta, “It is always fun to be with the monkeys. Whenever we have no shoot, we end up watching them and feeding them. It is indeed exciting to watch them in action.”

Aww!! Indeed fun to watch the monkeys in action…

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