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MTV ace of space season 2 who is back soon, hosted by mastermind Vikas Gupta. He has promised that it would be a bigger and a better season than the previous one where the audience will get less space and more drama.

MTV Ace of Space is coming back and we are excited

The season would have everything that will make it an entertainment reality show such as dramatic fights, new relationships building up, bonds building, starry appearances and above all intriguing tasks.

The 1st season of the show has been remarkably successful and the second would not break its image as promised by Vikas because it would be the fight for the basic survival need -space.

The season will be premiered on 24th August and will be coming on MTV every day at 6:00 p.m.

There are a few reasons which would make watching it a necessity:-

1) Entertaining host

The host of the season 2 again is mastermind Vikas Gupta who has Bigg fan following owing to his participation in various shows. He has been a strict mentor with the contestant besides being a supportive friend and confidante with them resolving their issues and serious fights.
Viewers are super excited to see Vikas once again donning the cap of a mentor, friend, and a mastermind is much awaited.

2) Change over in the looks

Season 2 is expected to have an interesting design for its Adobe. It has been speculated there would be specifically made factions for the haves and the have-nots.

The haves of the house will have all the luxuries whereas have-nots will not be offered these. Viewers are waiting to have the look into the house where the contestant will survive in new structures and shrinking walls having bare necessities.

3) Introduction of new concepts

The various new concepts have been introduced in the show where the fans will also get the chance to interact with their favourite contestant. This has been done via increased digital interaction with the fans. Also, there would be a social media contest ‘Mein Bhi Mastermind’ which will give the viewers a chance to witness the in-house experience.

4) Renowned faces as contestants

Season 2 of MTV Ace of Space will have well-known celebrities such as Deepak Thakur who gained fame from Big Boss participation, television actress Krissann Barretto, the Australian model, Lucinda Nicholas, and the upcoming reality show sensation Baseer Ali as contestants.

It will be quite intriguing for the viewers to watch how these celebrities will face the challenges, handle controversies and allegations and still survive to stay to the last.

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