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Priyamvada And Shrey or Ashish And Miesha: The cutest Splitsvilla jodi?

The recent episode of Splitsvilla showed that the love birds Priyamvada and Shrey became an ideal match. The love story which bloomed from the strong friendship has finally been accepted by the oracle.

Priyam and Shrey have been friends since the start. Shrey was connecting with Jinal Sharma since the first episode as she gave him the rose and he gave her the necklace. Both have been performing tasks, but then later a feud between them made Shrey realise that Priyamvada is her actual connection.

On the other hand, Ashish and Miesha have been going strong after Ashish realised that Aahana was unsure about him. Ashish and Miesha are the Chosen Ones.

Their love can be seen on the screen. How Ashish gets jealous when Miesha gets close to Loka or when she starts ogling at Sambhav’s hot body, makes it all crystal clear about his feelings for her.

The cuteness is too much to handle. Tell us the cutest jodi in Splitsvilla now.

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