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Priyamvada and Uday's closeness to upset Hridaya in MTV Splitsvilla X2

MTV Splitsvilla X2: Priyamvada and Uday’s closeness to upset Hridaya

Hottest hookups. Dramatic breakups. Shocking controversies, MTV Splitsvilla X2 keeps you wanting for more! The madness has just begun! This week, the contestants, Alfez & Piyush gang up against the participants who tried to vote them out which leads into an intense fight between the contestants.

Sunny Leone calls all the 10 boys for the ‘bae-watch’ session – ‘Who’s got them’ to give them tips about impressing girls and how to they win their hearts. Sunny then introduces the task, during the task Priyamvada falls for Uday’s moves that make Hridaya extremely jealous and tells him to stay away from him as she needs more time now to think about their relationship. The boys showcase their skills to impress & propose the girls they like.

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