Sudesh Berry who essays the role of Sirji, the antagonist in Star Bharat’s Musakaan got really emotional for a scene that she shed real tears.

When ‘reel’ villain Sudesh Berry shed ‘real’ tears on the set of Musakaan

Sudesh Berry who essays the role of Sirji in Star Bharat show, Musakaan produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions is exemplary in his acting prowess. His negative portrayal has been appreciated by one and all.

What puts Sudesh in the elite category is that he never fails to improvise and keep his instincts and emotions natural.

Recently, Sudesh Berry left the crew speechless in a shoot sequence, where Sirji thought he lost his son, Raunak forever and had cried his heart out but without the help of glycerin.

A source from the set says, “Sudesh Berry never used the help of glycerin for the sequence. Emotions hit the right chord with him performing very naturally.”

Speaking on the same Sudesh reveals, “It was the most emotionally challenging scene I have ever been in. When I’m acting, I live and breathe that character to the fullest. Acting becomes easy when you connect to the character. Also, I am very close to my son in real life. Thinking about it made me more emotional that I didn’t need any glycerin and tears just poured out.”

Sources from the set also revealed that he immediately called up his son as soon as he finished shooting.


Must say, a wonderful father and actor!!

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