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Kolkata auditions leave the celebrity leaders with a mixed bag of emotions in Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Leaders get into a conflict while deciding Kakoli Mondal’s fate

With a grand start to the new episodes of Roadies Revolution, the entertainment quotient is at an all-time high with the fun-filled audition rounds. This week, Roadies Revolution takes you to the city of joy, Kolkata for the auditions. The celebrity leaders saw an interesting mix of contestants and discussed their viewpoints, struggles and different ideas of revolution. Watch out for some swag, drama, laughter, conflicts, the Bong style!

The celebrity leaders meet Kakoli Mondal, a social media influencer who raised her voice at the right time against the sexual abuse inflicted on her during her childhood. While the celebrity leaders applaud her for her courage and asked her to vent out everything, Prince begs to differ with her when she says looks are a defining factor. The celebrity leaders get into a small conflict while deciding her fate in the Roadies journey ahead. Will they select Kakoli? Tune-in to watch happens next!

Nishtha, a cabin crew who once managed to save a person’s life by giving CPR for 40 minutes, leaves the celebrity leaders in complete awe of her. Another contestant, Manisha will make everyone emotional through her story and her zeal of putting in 100% in what she does.

Kartik proves to be an intelligent one in the lot, impressing the leaders with his tasks and his spot on GK! One contestant from Jammu with immense potential leaves the panel disappointed! Amidst the fun banters, one contestant, Chetan Titre will be asked to leave! Stay hooked to see these dramatic events unfolding!

Be a part of this journey as contestants are all up to sweep the celebrity leaders off their feet, do not forget to tune-in to Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV.

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