Rannvijay to get disappointed with the contestants in Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Rannvijay to get disappointed with the contestants

MTV Roadies Revolution is bringing exciting drama and entertaining masses.

Last week, the audience will get a sneak peek into the culling round. Rannvijay introduces the culling round and starts judging everyone in groups of four or five.

The shortlisted contestants from the auditions phase gear up to make their way to the top and secure their position for the much-awaited journey.

This week, audiences will witness Rannvijay judging the contestants. While two contestants will fight amongst themselves in front of Rannvijay and create a drama.

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On the other hand, Rannvijay will be disappointed with a few contestants. He would tell them that this is not the year for them to be in roadies.


What will happen next?

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