Love and friendship will collide in Episode 5 of MTV Splitsvilla X3! Get ready for the upcoming episode that promises to take you on a rollercoaster ride- all about romantic dates gone wrong and the quirkiest task the Villa has ever witnessed. Keeping the dramatic twists and turns at its core, the explosive 5th episode is no exception, and the viewers are in for an interesting weekend watch!

The episode begins with Vyomesh and Azma winning the silver connection challenge, where they got a unique chance to go on a date with 3 potential suitors! While on one hand, Azma entertains the viewers with her antics with Shivam, Jay and Gary as she challenges them to impress her with 100 pushups on the spot, on the other, Vyomesh gets into a heated argument with Arushi while on a date with Bhumika and Nikita, that will see her storming out of the date.

Amidst all the dinner date madness, Sunny and Rannvijay introduced the task of the week: The Golden Opportunity challenge. Employing the power of lady luck, the Splitsvilans get split into trios, with one male and two females each. The challenge had a series of eccentric activities, including “Yummy Yummy Party in my Tummy”, “Oonchi Hai Building” and “Save your Marbles”. And while you’re glued to these, “Scratch Match” is a fascinating highlight to watch out for where the boys uncover hidden details in a hilarious manner, as well as the “Tongue Twister” task, where Kevin takes the madness to another level by transforming his challenge with an unexpected rapping twist.

And that’s not all, Splitsvilla X3 has many more surprises in store for the eager viewers. The upcoming episode will reveal who wins this whimsical task as well as which contestant gets eliminated at the Dome session.