Yoga asanas test for contestants and leaders in MTV Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Yoga asanas test for contestants and leaders

MTV Roadies Revolution is already winning hearts for bringing about a positive change. The contestants and celebrity leaders have left no stone unturned to do their bit for the betterment of the society.

While the last week saw the Roadies troop bringing a smile on the faces of little kids by cooking delicious mid-day meals, this week awaits a series of exciting tasks.

In the task ‘Yoga Naav’, audiences would see contestants performing it in two stages- the first stage is river rafting, where each team will raft in the river and collect coloured balls which will add value in the next stage.

The second stage will have 4 teams perform yoga asanas with their leaders. Interestingly, celebrity leaders will have the opportunity to win advantage and get an extra point for the team.

Who will nail this task?

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