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We hate goodbyes but at the end of the day, that’s how it works. The fans of the popular show Daayan must be aware that the story is now nearing its climax and it has also been confirmed by the makers as well. The weekend show that started in December, gave a tough competition to the shows that have been running on a similar genre prior to this show.

Supernatural show Daayan theories for the final episode

The tale of the strong-headed girl Janhvi, who fights against an evil supernatural power Daayan, has been quite interesting. Keeping the twists and turns in mind, we have come up with speculations about how Daayan will end. Daayan had to punish her son Aakarsh, she chose to give him another chance. As a mother, she loves her son and that is the main reason why Janhvi is alive throughout the story.

We feel that after knowing about Aakarsh’s child, she might just move away from his life just to see him happy. Another possible ending to the series can be as after being pressurized by the family, Janhvi might sacrifice her life to save the child just like her sister Maanvi did. When Satrupa reveals that Janhvi is carrying her child, she gets surprised. Thinking that it is Aakarsh’s child, she decides to not abort it. We feel that this decision won’t be accepted by the family because they will never want to have evil in the family.

Here is another theory fans are talking about Daayan, a.k.a. Asha is not at all happy with Janhvi taking Aakarsh away. She will surely try to kill Janhvi because she is now Daayanmore powerful than ever before. Daayan had been successful in killing Janhvi once and doing it for the second time won’t be a big deal.

If this happens, then Aakarsh will avenge Janhvi’s death by killing Daayan with the help of Vaitalini. Last but not the least If Daayan had killed Janhvi once, then even Janhvi got successful in capturing in the magic mirror. The mirror was given to Janhvi by Patalini Devi who had been supporting Janhvi in her battle against the Daayan. We are aware that Patalini Devi was injured in the last fight against Vaitalini but now she has gone back to get her powers. We have a feeling that she will return with her powers and help Janhvi in destroying the Daayan. With all these theories coming up we are sure that this supernatural show will have a thrilling end.

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