Aakash Talwar who plays the role of Daljeet in the Colors show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is happy and excited that he has gotten to play varied shades in the one character that he is playing in the show.   

Says Aakash, “I started my journey in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki as a goodie family man, a cop who was sensitive in understanding the needs of his family. As a husband, he always had his issues with his wife, which provided another good angle. Slowly, Daljeet turned into a negative shade and I am enjoying this phase too. As an actor, I have no qualms about playing a negative character. I am happier, is what I can say, as I play the out-and-out negative role.”  

With the molestation track, Daljeet is now more ruthless as the negative guy. He wants revenge from the kinnar Heer (Jigyasa Singh), and can go to any level for it. I am happy playing around with my track. My character has that scope in it and I am enjoying this phase. People are hating the character for what he is, and that makes me feel happy. Every day, I go to the set to do a better job as an actor. God has been kind and I pray that he remains kind in future too.”  

Aakash was also seen in Naagin 5 in the role of Sharad Malhotra’s brother. “I had a great experience working for Naagin 5. I got a good response for it.” 

The strange part here is that Aakash has been typecast to playing the brother on TV now. “After playing a brother in Daayan, I became brother to Simbba Nagpal in Shakti, I became the brother of Sharad Malhotra in Naagin 5. Even when I am offered new roles, I have been getting the ‘Bhaijaan’ roles on TV. Well, this reminds me of the Bhaijaan of Bollywood, that is Salman Khan. I am grateful to hold this tag on television, but yes, I want to break this chain of playing the brother. I am looking out for more options.” 

Well said, Aakash!!