Priyank Sharma's naughty side revealed.

I think about sex more than 40 times a day, reveals Splitsvilla X contestant Priyank Sharma

Delhi boy Priyank Sharma has been winning hearts in the current season of Splitsvilla X. His charm coupled with great physique have the girls going weak on their knees. What many don’t know is that, the always sweet Priyank has a naughty side to him as well. We caught up with the Delhi ka munda to find out about his fantasies and sexcapades:-

Are you a virgin?

We live in the 21st century and I was 21 years old when I lost my virginity

What do you think about sex?

Fun and satisfaction

Are you kinky? How kinky can you get?

I am quite kinky to an extent. I can cross the limits

How many times do you think about sex?

In a day, more than 40 times or maybe much much more

Where do you want to have sex? 

Shower is the one place that defines by kinkiness

Weirdest place you have had sex?

In a car in the mall parking

Would you do it in a plane?

It’s too uncomfortable for me

Best way to kiss?

Go slow with the flow and then hard

Would you like a threesome?

No, I want to be alone with my partner.

You can catch Priyank on Splitsvilla X every Sunday at 7pm only on MTV

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