Drama galore in &TV’s Agnifera…

Anurag and Ragini to have an ugly fight in &TV’s Agnifera

Loyal viewers of &TV’s popular daily Agnifera (R&R Creations) will see some huge drama in the storyline.

The soap will see Anurag (Ankit Gera) and Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) having a major fight in the upcoming episode.

As per a source, Anurag will plan to make Ragini understand his lifestyle and make her realize she doesn’t match it. Hence, Anurag will take Ragini to Patna to attend a party.

Later, Anurag will also gift her western outfit to attend a corporate party with him. However, amidst the party Anurag’s friends will touch Ragini inappropriately and this will irk the lady. Angry Ragini will slap one of the friends and this will leave everyone shocked.

However, Anurag will think Ragini is showing her rowdy side to everyone so he will get angry at her and they both will have a huge fight.


Will Ragini be able to explain the situation to Anurag? Will he believe her?


Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with Ankit for a comment.


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