The &TV show Agnifera produced by R & R Creations will see a major twist with the arrest of Baiju.

Baiju to get jailed in &TV’s Agnifera

&TV’s show Agnifera (R & R Creation) is leaving no stone unturned to entertain audience with intriguing drama.

The series has been gripping audience with enthralling storyline.

In the coming episode, Baiju (Ayaz Ahmed will get caught by police in a false racket of drug charge and will be jailed. Ragini (Yukti Kapoor) will get worried. However, she would promise Baiju that she will try every possible move to get him out of the jail.

Who is the culprit behind this? Will Ragini manage to save Baiju?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors for a comment.

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