Satrupa to manipulate Jhanvi's brother in Daayan

Daayan: Satrupa to manipulate Jhanvi’s brother

&TV’s popular drama Daayan produced by Balaji Telefilms is gearing up for some drama filled plot.

We hear that the coming track will revolve Satrupa and Jhanvi’s brother.

Post, joining hands with Daayan, she will plan to manipulate Jhanvi’s brother Shares a source, “Satrupa tries to manipulate Jhanvi’s brother, Harsh against Jhanvi to destroy Jhanvi. She possesses Harsh and manipulates him. She also makes him feel that after his first wife was killed by the Daayan, he feels alone. Satrupa tells him that he can get his wife back provided he starts worshipping the Daayan and follows her orders.”

Will he get trapped by Satrupa?

We buzzed artists but could not get through.

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