In the latest episode number 112 of Shemaroo's show Gauna- Ek Pratha, the audience will witness that Gaurav gets in control of Urvashi while Gehna takes a pledge

Gauna- Ek Pratha Spoiler 112: Gaurav Gets In Control Of Urvashi While Gehna Takes Pledge

In the entertaining show, Gauna- Ek Pratha of Shemaroo channel is taking the audience on a thrilling drama ride with the latest plot where Urvashi manages to take control over Gaurav. In contrast, Gehna takes a pledge to take revenge on all her enemies.

In the show, you will get to see that Urvashi’s malicious aim indulges her in an intense argument with the Tantrik, after which Urvashi kills the Tantrik with the knife in intense anger. Later, with the help of Shreya, Urvashi manages to settle down Tantrik’s body. On the other hand, Urvashi’s father gets paralyzed. After this, Urvashi plans to take all the responsibilities of the house.

On the other hand, injured Gehna takes a pledge that now she will change herself and will take revenge on all the people who are involved in killing her. But the interesting turn comes when Urvashi takes control over Gaurav with the help of black magic. Later, Gaurav takes her into the bedroom, holding her in his arms, which makes Urvashi very happy.

While the transgender person who saved Gehna gives her a new look, and now, it will be interesting to see how Gehna takes revenge on her enemies.

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