Interesting twist in Badho Bahu

Kamla to misuse her powers in &TV’s Badho Bahu

&TV’s Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up & Hum Tum Tele-Films Private) will be gearing up for some new drama revolving around Badho’s (Rytasha Rathore) life.

We hear in the coming episode, before going to Ambala’s ‘kishan mela’, Kailash (Karmveer Choudhary) will appoint Kamla (Sangeeta Panwar) as the deputy sarpanch. He will give her the responsibility to take important decision for the well being of village and the villagers.

However, Kamla will take advantage of this responsibility and would organize a feast between the five villages, naming it saanjha chulha. Taking advantage of her responsibility she will also try to stop Badho’s wrestling.

Meanwhile, inviting one of the villages’ sarpanch for the feast, Kamla will get an idea to expel Raghuveer (Pankaj Dheer) out of the village.

Will Kamla be successful in her plan?

We buzzed actor but they were busy shooting.

Stay hooked for more updates.

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