Star Bharat as a channel is presently seen with a brand new outlook, with the programming lineup focussing more on romantic tales. The channel with the tagline ‘Dil Deke Dekho Zara’ has indeed made us fall in love with the new shows, and its look and feel. Ajooni, coming from Frames Productions and Prem Entertainment brings back the popular actor Shoaib Ibrahim to fiction on TV after many years. Along with him, is introduced a new girl, Ayushi Khurana in the titular role of Ajooni.

Talking about the concept, this is nothing new to TV!! We have seen the aggressive boy falling madly in love with the cute girl, and crossing all limits to get her in his life!! This is what Ajooni’s crux of the story is!! We have also seen a ‘bandook ki nok par shaadi’ before on TV!!

Having said this, irrespective of the fact that the concept is not fresh, there is something in Ajooni that makes us watch it. The credit goes to the cast of the show and the gripping screenplay.

The story takes place in Hoshiarpur wherein Ajooni is shown to be a very pious, disciplined, family-oriented girl. She has been given the right principles in life by her parents and grandmother, for which she is grateful. She is on the verge of getting married to a doctor by profession. Life is all set to smile at her, when she bumps into the terror called Rajveer Bagga. This accidental meetup changes her life forever. Rajveer falls for her and is determined to make her his.

Talking about Rajveer, he is a ruffian, who has his way in life. He leads a rough and tough life, beating up people, enjoying with friends etc. However, when he meets his lady love, his sole focus in life is to marry her. For that, he will do anything and everything. You can call him a lover boy with a rough and tough persona!!

The story plot has been pacey enough in the first week. We have seen a lot already about Ajooni and her positive streak in life. We have also seen her confidence in tackling tough situations and issues.

Ajooni’s life will take a dramatic change when she will be forced to wed Rajveer, the man she hates the most!!

As said earlier, the highlight of Ajooni as a show is the presence of Shoaib Ibrahim and Ayushi Khurana. Shoaib will be duly called the ‘newest crazy-in-love hero’. This is a fantastic comeback for the performer in him!! How good he looks as the hardcore romantic. His eye expressions fall in place and tend to highlight the varied emotions in him, that of the lover as well as the ruffian.

Ayushi Khurana is a new find in television!! You will certainly hear more about the girl in future. In no way does Ayushi look new to the TV world. She seems extremely confident in her craft. She is good at her emoting and comes up with realistic expressions that the scenes demand.

The story might not be new at all, but the manner in which it is being played out in Ajooni will keep you engrossed. If there is any drawback in the show, it will be its not-so-new storyline. But apart from that, if you are ready to drink old wine in a new and well-refined bottle, then Ajooni will keep you engaged.

Seema Sharma, Jairoop Jeevan, and Pankaj Dheer stand tall in the main cast.

We credit 3 stars out of 5 for Ajooni.