Pratigya in “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2” has successfully managed to distant herself from her husband Krishna, and this even made Amma Ji’s plan successful.

It was Amma ji who wanted to get rid of Pratigya from the very beginning, and after Balwant Tyagi attacked Krishna and he almost died, she thought there is no better time than now to execute a plan so that she can get rid of Pratigya forever. She started poisoning her and even got a doctor to tell her that she is suffering from blood cancer and has a few days to live.

Meanwhile, Pratigya got Aadarsh too on-board to help her with her plan, and they are now trying to show everyone that they have gotten close. While Krishna waits for his dinner, he sees Pratigya feeding Aadarsh and before he can react, Shakti breaks into a laughter. He tells Komal that this is not just news to Krishna but for her too as she was falling in love with Aadarsh.

Will Aadarsh tell them the truth about Pratigya? Will Krishna find out the truth on his own? To know what happens next keep watching “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2”.

“Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2” features Arhaan Behll, Pooja Gor, Anupam Shyam, Chetan Hansraj, Sachal Tyagi, Parvati Sehgal and Aalika Sheikh. The show, which is being led by Pearl Grey as the showrunner, creative producer and writer, and produced under Rajan Shahi’s banner Director’s Kut Productions, airs on Star Bharat from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m.