A huge showdown will happen in &TV’s Vani Rani that will bring in unrest.

Prakash Agnihotri to slap Mishti in &TV’s Vani Rani

&TV’s Vani Rani (Esselvision) will see a huge turning point where the girls of the Agnihotri family will try to bully their grand mother, played by Amita Udgata so that she packs her bags and goes out of the house!!

However, the entire trick will fail and the girls will be at the receiving end!!

This will also result in a huge showdown in the house where the youngest kid in the family, Mishti will be slapped by Prakash Agnihotri (Sanjay Gandhi), husband of Vani (Tanvi Azmi).

As per a source, “The dramatic turnaround where Mishti will bear the brunt of Prakash’s anger will make everyone in the house sad. Not only will the kids sulk but will also bring about a change in Prakash. There will be an emotional sequence wherein Prakash who is usually the very responsible yet strong-willed character, will break down and get into a guilt trip after beating his daughter.”

We hear that the sequence will also see the manner in which Prakash will break the ice with the kids, especially with Mishti and make them happy again.

If sources are to be believed, the ambiance in the house will get lively with everyone joining hands in a performance to make Mishti happy.

We buzzed the actors, but they were busy.

Watch this space for more updates.

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