Sherdil Shergill the Colors show produced by Parin Multimedia has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the first week. As seen so far, Raj and Manmeet decide to go through with their wedding and finish the rituals. However, Bhairav and Raj’s mother swear that they will not accept Manmeet as their daughter-in-law ever. Manmeet and Raj spend their first night together sleeping in the garden, and Raj’s mother gets worried to learn about it. She speaks to Manmeet and gives her strict instructions on how to behave in the house.

Later, Nirali instructs Manmeet to cover her face until the end of her Muh Dikhai function. Later, after hearing Anmol’s voice during the function, Manmeet gets surprised and shows her face to everyone. As Manmeet introduces Anmol as her son to the guests, Nirali lashes out at Manmeet for her action.

Now, in the coming episode, Manmeet and Raj enjoy themselves with the family members at the Muh Dikhai function. However, while everyone gets busy dancing, a scorpion lands on Anmol’s pram. Raj notices the scorpion and gets worried. Soon, all get alerted about the same, and Manmeet worries about her baby being in danger.

Will Raj manage to save Anmol?

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