In this article, check out the latest update of Shemaroo's famous show Shravani, where the lead character, Shravani, keeps a difficult fast for the family and her husband, Shivansh.

Shravani Latest Update: Shravani Keeps Difficult Fast For Shivansh And Family

In Shemaroo‘s audience’s favorite show, Shravani, the viewers witness intense drama with a gripping storyline and plot. Adding to the intriguing scenes, Shravani now keeps a difficult fast for her husband Shivansh and his family.

In the show, the audience will see that Chandra makes a new plan to spoil things. She hires a person to call Tau Ji to make a new move. The hired person talks with Tau ji in the voice of Shivansh’s friend Saksh; he says that Shravani is used to living in a luxurious house, and so now she is facing a lot of problems here. Adding to this, he also says that Shivansh sells tea and samosa in front of the same college where Shravani studies.

Hearing this, Tau ji decides to help Shivansh financially. He goes to Shivansh’s house with a bag full of clothes and a lot of money and says Amma ji, I want Shivansh to work with me. On the other hand, Chandra provokes Amma ji against Shravani, saying that she will soon become a doctor and will go to work while Shivansh will still sell tea and samosas. By saying this, Chandra means there is no match between the two.

However, in the coming episode, you will see that Shravani will keep a difficult fast of Chhath Puja for her beloved husband Shivansh and the whole family. At the same time, Shivansh also supports her on this festive occasion.

Let’s see what happens next in the lives of Shravani and Shivansh. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.