Rani to get back her memory in Colors show Shubharambh?

Shubharambh spoiler alert: Rani to get back her memory?

Colors show Shubharambh produced by Shashi Sumeet has been seeing the Rani (Mahima Makwana) memory loss track.

As per the plot, Raja hides his identity and pretends to be Rani’s prospective groom Hemant to try to bring back her memory. However, Rani finds Raja’s marriage picture and breaks all ties with him.

Now, in the coming episode, audiences will witness a major drama wherein Rani will get back her memory.

Well, Rani will enter Raja’s house and would get flashes of her time spent at this house along with Raja. The girl will try to remember the moments. She would come across Raja and reveal that she remembers the house. Soon, she would call out remember the boy and call out Raja. The boy will heave a sigh of relief and get very happy. Rani would weep and they would share a cute moment together.

Are you excited to watch their cute scene?

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