Rani and Raja share a cozy romantic moment together in Colors show Shubharambh

Shubharambh spoiler alert: Rani to KISS Raja

Colors show Shubharambh produced by Shashi Sumeet has been keeping the audience glued to the TV screen with interesting drama.

As per the plot, Raja (Akshit Sukhija) and Rani (Mahima Makwana) have reunited and are spending a happy time together.

In the coming episode, Rani will switch off the lights and would plant a peck on Raja’s cheeks. Later, she will switch on the lights. Raja will ask her about the kiss and she would start blushing and the two will have a sweet romantic moment. Soon, Raja’s mother will enter and see lipstick marks on Raja and will tell them about the same. Raja will get embarrassed and would blush.


Are you excited to see the romantic moment?

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