The &TV show, Agnifera will see more drama with Vishu trying his best to separate Srishti and Baiju.

Vishu to separate Baiju and Srishti in &TV’s Agnifera

The &TV show, Agnifera (RnR Creations) has taken a new twist with Vishu (Mohak Khurana) deciding to get Srishti (Simraan Kaur) back in his life, by doing anything and everything.

In the upcoming episodes, Vishu will plan and plot to separate Srishti and Baiju (Ayyaz Ahmed).

Also, to make the plot more interesting, the makers will introduce a new character, by name Ragini, played by newbie Shweta. She will be brought in by Baiju to pose to be his girl friend. Baiju’s intention now will be to unite Srishti again with Vishu.

Well, while the two boys will be trying their best, we wonder what decision Srishti will take…

We buzzed actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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