Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1372: Prithvi offers food on his plate and states that he would eat it while seated.

Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1372: Preeta Missing Karan

In today’s Kundali Bhagya episode, Revengeful Karan (now in the name of Arjun) declares that he would attempt and that no one will be able to prevent him from meeting his daughter. He refuses to abide by the court’s restraining orders, which direct him to remain away from Kavya. Rishabh and Preeta appear surprised. Karan informs Anjali that he would not forgive Preeta and that he will marry her again in order to obtain Kavya. He then declares, “I’ll see who can stop me from reaching Preeta and Kavya.”

Prithvi finishes the food and asks for Sherlyn’s hand, saying he wants to kiss her hand. He requests more food. Sherlyn wonders if he thought she was a regular wife and scolds him for calling her to school, claiming her legs hurt. Prithvi inquires, “Did I call you there?” He asks, “whether you did me a favor by making dinner.” He declares that he will bring his own meals. Sherlyn informs her that he will not allow her to play a mobile game. Prithvi offers food on his plate and states that he would eat it while seated. Sherlyn argues and walks away.

Karan informs Rishabh that they will chat since Preeta is tough to grasp. He claims that the previous time she came to apologize, she complained a lot and apologized even less. Preeta informs Karan that she has filed an FIR against him and warns him not to approach her daughter; if he does, he would be violating court orders. She claims she filed an FIR because he is a danger to her daughter, and she is her life for her, and she will not take any chances, and she did this because she does not want him near her child. She claims that while you did not listen to her, you will listen to Court.

Dadi inquires Rakhi as to what happened. Rakhi claims that Preeta became really concerned about what happened to Kavya. Dadi claims that Rishabh was also concerned. Rakhi agrees that they were concerned as parents, but she questions why Arjun/Karan was concerned. Kavya is very special to Dadi. Rakhi claims that Preeta despises Arjun and blames him for everything. Dadi claims that they quarrel and clash because they don’t know what relationship they have. She says she likes Arjun and that if he hadn’t protected Kavya and fled with the bomb, she doesn’t know what would have occurred. She claims that no one complimented him for his actions.

Karan informs Preeta that he did not put Raja at Kavya’s school since he cannot do such a thing. Arjun claims that if Kavya is her daughter, she is also his daughter. Nobody can stop Karan from meeting her, he argues. He refuses to obey the court’s injunctions and tosses the documents away.

Karan is concerned as he recalls Preeta’s statements. She discovers Karan and her photos and reminisces about their times together. Karan promises Anjali that he would never leave Preeta and will be like a reflection in her eyes. He promises to marry Preeta again and reclaim Kavya. He says, “They began this game, and I’m going to finish it.” He says he would exact revenge on Preeta by becoming her breath and then watching as she removes her breath from her body. Anjali appears surprised. Karan declares that he will reclaim everything.

Preeta says, “I miss you,” as she looks at Karan’s images. Rishabh tells Preeta not to bother him and to be free. Kavya, she believes Karan has given her the most wonderful gift of her life. She moves near him when she is pulled back, and Karan is taken from there. She dreams about Karan calling her and wakes up screaming.

Preeta receives a call informing her that Rishabh has been nominated for the Business Leader Award and requests that he come to fill out the paperwork. Preeta expresses her gratitude and asks her to repeat herself. Everyone is overjoyed and congratulates Rishabh. Preeta is content and wishes them well.