Today’s 8th July 2024 episode begins with Anupama calling Hasmukh and Leela, questioning their whereabouts. Hasmukh lies to Anupama and other housemates that they are out for ‘Chaar Dham Yatra’. But Anupama doesn’t trust their words and asks to share their location. But Hasmukh cuts the call, ordering Anupama not to worry about them.

Soon, Anupama heads in search of Hasmukh and Leela, where Vanraj stops her, but she ignores him. Later, Vanraj calls Anupama’s concern as a reason not to sign the NOC papers, as he is sure his mother and father will not leave him alone.

Anupama steps out, searching for her father-in-law and mother-in-law. However, she is only disappointed. On the other hand, the dealer asks Vanraj to give him the cheque to finalize the penthouse deal. Vanraj decides to make Anupama sign the NOC papers anyway. Toshu and Pakhi express their eagerness for the new house.

Adhya asks Anuj to go to the US, but he asks her to stay for some time. Later, Anuj finds out about Hasmukh and Leela’s whereabouts, and he asks Vanraj to come with him. As soon as Anupama and Vanraj arrive at the place, Anuj asks them. Anuj reveals that their parents are living in a nursing home, but Vanraj does not believe it.

On the other hand, Kavya taunts Toshu and Pakhi for their ill behavior towards their grandparents. However, Toshu and Pakhi do not feel any guilt for their behavior when they learn that their grandparents are in an Old Age Home.

Later, Anupama and Vanraj discover Hasmukh and Leela making Puri in the Old Age Home, leaving them in deep shock. Vanraj asks why they left the house; Hasmukh shares that their home was their temple, but now they want to sell that and want a penthouse.