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In Anupamaa Written Update Episode 99 6th November 2020, we see that Vanraj tell Anupamaa that she cannot teach dance as he is the boss of the house and she can only dance on his fingers.

Anupamaa Written Update Ep 99 6th November 2020: Vanraj yells at Anupamaa

The episode of Anupamaa starts with Anupamaa instructing Jhilmil about the remaining housework, and then she rushes towards Samar’s room. Samar gets Ghungroo which he bought from Anupamaa’s mother’s house. Anupamaa remembers her father giving her Ghungroo in her childhood. On the other hand, Vanraj is in his room searching for his socks.

Kavya video calls Vanraj and asks him to hurry as they are late for an important presentation. He finds socks but two different socks. Vanraj walks out of the room and goes to Samar’s room. Anupamaa is performing Bharat Natya while Samar is recording her dance. Vanraj walks in and switches off the music. He asks Samar to go out. Samar says he will not listen to him but later he goes as Anupamaa asks him to go out.

Vanraj yells at Anupamaa saying that this is his house and not a dancing school. And he will not allow her to dance and she can dance only on his fingers. He breaks the Ghungroo and leaves. Vanraj informs Baa that he has to complete some work, so he is going early. Baa thinks that Anupamaa must have done something. She thinks of questioning Anupamaa. Bapuji warns Baa, not to trouble Anupamaa.

Later, Anupamaa is upset seeing the broken Ghungroo. Samar tells her that he will be starting an online class and she has to introduce herself to the students and then teach them.

Precap: Kavya tells Vanraj to inform his parents before Anupamaa does.

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